Training The Street Seminars

Training The Street (TTS) offers state-of-the-art, instructor-led courses in financial modeling and valuation for finance professionals. Founded in 1999, TTS is the world’s leading financial learning services company offering targeted and customized training courses to corporate and educational clients. Through the use of highly effective, intuitive teaching methods in an interactive, multimedia setting, their mission is to teach you the everyday valuation techniques and financial modeling skills that experienced professionals use at work so you can use them the very next morning. In short, through a mix of hands-on instruction, practical illustrations, group projects, computer exercises, visual presentations, and mini-lectures, they teach you real-world applications of finance theory in a way that brings corporate valuation and financial modeling to life.

Seminars offered at Fuqua:

Corporate Valuation Workshop
The corporate valuation seminar will explore the fundamentals of valuation techniques used by Wall Street practitioners.  While this session does not require the use of a computer, the curriculum provides participants with critical insights into finance interview questions.  Specifically, the content will cover:

  • Key valuation concepts: Equity and Enterprise Value, EBIT, and EBITDA, common uses of valuation
  • Public comparables analysis
  • Acquisition comparables analysis
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Imputing multiples and valuation ranges
  • Merger consequences analysis
  • Leverage buyout analysis
  • Sources of public information

Financial Modeling Workshop
This intensive 2-day workshop is designed to develop your financial modeling skills through actual hands-on construction of a financial model using an annual report.  The course begins with an Excel skills training; including walking through short-cuts and conducting speed drills.  The focus of the workshop, however, is on building, from scratch, a full-blown financial model, specifically a Discounted Cash Flow model.  The step-by-step instruction includes pro forma financial statements, debt and PP&E schedules, and sensitivity analysis.

Merger Consequences Analysis and LBO Modeling Workshop
This intensive workshop is designed to develop an advanced understanding of merger consequences and leveraged buyout analyses through hand-on construction of both an M&A model and an LBO model.  Each participant will build their own interactive M&A and LBO model from scratch to better understand the dynamics of merger consequences and leverage buyout analyses.

The complete products allow for a dynamic evaluation of (1) whether or not a company should acquire a competitor or sell itself (merger consequences analysis) and (2) whether or not the company is a strong LBO candidate.  Specifically, participants will construct and analyze the following:

Merger Consequences Analysis

  • Transaction summary detailing sources and uses of funds
  • Earning impact, including accretion/(dilution) analysis and synergies required to breakeven
  • Synergies analysis, including phase-in of projected synergies
  • Purchase price allocation (including write-ups)
  • Analysis at various prices

Leverage Buyout Analysis

  • Transaction summary detailing sources and uses of funds
  • Credit analysis for leverage support
  • Pro forma income statement and cash flow schedule
  • Debt schedule with repayments, pro forma debt balances, and interest expense calculation for both senior and subordinated debt instruments
  • Returns analysis to the financial provider