Alumni Spotlight

Sam Hendler
Class of 2005

Clubs/Organizations involved in at Fuqua: Finance, PE/VC

Job function prior to Fuqua: Analyst at Broadview (Technology-focused M&A boutique) and Associate at Quellos Private Capital Markets (a private equity fund of funds)

Current employer and job Function: Harris Williams & Co., Vice President in the Technology, Telecom and Digital Media Group

Q&A with Sam Hendler:

Why did you choose to attend Fuqua?
The quality of the people I met during the admissions process and the culture of “Team Fuqua”.

What attracted you to your post-MBA career and current employer?
I went to business school with the goal of returning to M&A advisory work since I enjoyed working directly with companies and entrepreneurs.  Based on my previous experience, I focused on the middle market because the companies in that size range (<$1 billion) necessarily rely on their M&A advisors more heavily than at larger firms, and I would be able to play a much larger role on deals.  I knew of Harris Williams & Co. through my work with my private equity firms, because the firm is the leading sellside M&A advisor to companies in the middle market and has a particularly strong franchise and reputation among private equity firms.  As I went through the interview (and summer internship) process with Harris Williams & Co., I found that the culture of collaboration and teamwork that initially attracted me to Fuqua was very much a part of the HW&Co. culture as well.  In addition to Harris Williams & Co.’s market position and culture, I was attracted by the Associate role (which we think of as the “quarterback” of the deal team) and the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the firm from day one.

What part of your Fuqua experience most helped you transition into your post-MBA career?
I found that taking classes in leadership and mentoring helped me to transition to a more senior role within investment banking and more effectively coach junior professionals.  The finance classes I took were helpful to give me some academic grounding in since I was a politics major in undergrad, but ultimately less important to my career than communication and writing classes.

What is your favorite Fuqua story/memory?
Having a conversation with Coach K at Campout…while dressed as Wolverine from the X-Men